Gaia Produce is a full-service importer, broker, distributor and marketer of fresh produce. Based on the East Coast of North America, we supply clients with the highest quality produce from our worldwide partner network of expert growers.

Gaia Produce imports and distributes many items under it’s own brand, and under growers’ brands. We also consolidate shipments from our growers for wholesalers and distributors across North America under their own brands. We have a wealth of experience in sourcing and importing produce from a very diverse base of suppliers. We have developed strong relationships with our source-country partners, ensuring that we provide top quality produce at reasonable prices with no surprises.

Our team of experts works thoroughly to ensure proper food safety procedures are adhered to at all levels of the supply chain. By overseeing all aspects of importation and transport, Gaia Produce ensures that nothing will get in the way of safe, healthy, and totally fresh produce reaching our clients.

Passionate About Produce

We have a passion for produce that we want to share with the world! Our team of driven professionals has directed the import of dozens of different fresh items from numerous source countries. We take time to meet with growers and understand the nature of each item even as we enjoy it. Our team oversees the whole supply chain from the fields of our growers to the cold stores of our distribution partners - to bring you truly sensational produce!

Worldwide Supplier Network

Our core business is the sourcing importation and distribution of fresh produce; so we have expertise in maintaining the cool-chain "from field to fork" for all the items we work with. We are always looking for new markets and new partners worldwide; and we are glad to serve any inquiry regarding fresh produce. Some of our supplier host countries are highlighted below. Contact us today ›